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I'm a Yoga Instructor,

a Mentor & the Founder of Be Aligned

Life is series of experiences and happenings. These are influenced by your mindset, these are affected by how you relate to life, to yourselves, and to others. Mindset and self - awareness are everything. That is why I decided to create this website and to become a mentor alongside being a yoga teacher. To make you realise the importance of your perspective and to assist you on your journey towards self - growth, mindset change and transformation to be more and more self - aware.

Over the last decade, slowly but surely, I became aware and conscious. Conscious about my life, the way I am living it, the way I am thinking, the words I am speaking into existence, the food I am eating, the things I am doing in my everyday life, the routines I am creating in my day to serve my body - mind - spirit - health. I became conscious about my own mindset, my outlook on myself and on my life. I have spent years bettering myself consciously and unconsciously. I have gained training and knowledge through different mindset, manifestation, and transformational courses. I have been following, studying and applying various mentors' teachings and insights in my everyday life. However, most of the insights that I have, came from the biggest teacher of all, life itself.

Along my journey to transform my mindset and grow personally, I have realised that all the things that are happening to me, all the teachings and insights I am attracting, all the "coincidences" that the Universe puts in front of me to experience, are for one reason. To unfold me to the person who is able to assist you in your journey to become mindful and self - aware to live the extraordinary, abundant, and aligned life that is your birth right.

My purpose is to connect with YOU; to listen and to get to know your own, individual story; and to help you to see things from a perspective that makes you break out of your created limitations in order to have the mindset that is needed to reach your highest Self.

My job is not to tell you something. My job is to help you receive something.

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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Your mind drives your life. It is the biggest factor that creates your reality. Your perspective on your current situation affects how you will move forward in life. You might not have everything you want right now but with the right mindset, that gives you the self - belief that you can get there, you will be driven to achieve your goals. It all starts with a decision in your mind and that ultimately determines where your life goes.

My purpose is to assist you in your journey. I am here to listen, to understand you and your story fully so I can advise you based on my professional and personal experiences. I am driven to see you succeed. I am aiming to provide you the tools, the support and guidance you need to overcome the obstacles that are limiting your beliefs in order to create the life you deserve and become aligned with your Self and your values. I am by your side on your journey to find out who you are, what your deepest, truest desires are and what your purpose is in life.

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Yoga is so much more and deeper than what it is believed to be in today's society. The word "Yoga" means union, to be connected. It refers to the connection, to the union with(in) us. It is the path to enlightenment. When practicing yoga, you are in the present, connecting your mind - breath- focus and physical sensations. It is more than getting a lean, flexible body. It is a practice that prepares you for life, it is about going deep within and exploring your true Self.

Each yoga lesson I am offering, is about awakening, aligning, connecting, and centring the body, mind, and Self. Each class is personalised. This way, you can be sure that it serves you and your current needs physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the best way possible.

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Mentoring & Yoga

When you are on the path of enlightenment, it is not just the mindset you need to be focusing on to change NOR just your true soul, spirit to get to know better with yoga and meditation. In order to optimise your transformation and alignment; to unfold to the Self you are meant to be; to live the life you deserve; to become authentic; to know your values; to make the decisions you need to fulfil your purpose; you are advised to practise bettering yourself in both areas because they enhance, help and support one another.

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