It All Starts With One Decision

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Are you ready? Are you determined and committed enough? Are you willing to do the work? Are you in it for the long term? Are you ready to make the changes? Is it a priority for you? Do you want to live the life you have always dreamt of? Easy, and simple questions so the answer to them should be easy and simple, as well. Yes or No! Right?

Every time you decide, you shift. You shift to a certain direction based on that decision. And that affects, alters, and creates your life! Starting from the simplest, seemingly insignificant things like what to have for breakfast, all the way to the big, life altering changes like moving to a different country and starting a new life.

To create the life you are dreaming of, the choices you are constantly making, consciously or unconsciously, should be in alignment with who you truly are, with your inner Self, and with your own values. This guarantees that more and more abundance and synchronicities are generating and becoming noticeable in your life. This way, you might end up getting even better things that you have ever wanted or imagined in all areas of your life.

BUT, truth to be told, it is hard to go to the right direction, following our dreams and being authentic if we do not even know who we are, what we truly want, what we represent, or what our priorities, and values are. And unfortunately, too many of us are still living in that grey, mundane World that society makes us believe that it is good as the way it is and it is the best for us. Thinking and making us believe that that 9-5 job is our best we can have and that the money we are getting, that pay check monthly is how much we are worthy of. However, those things are actually just tools that are used to make us give up and forget about our goals, dreams and true purpose. Once, you understand this, you are ready for the transformation, and once you are ready to say no to things you really do not want, once you are wanting the better life for you and your family and once, you are ready to step out of the comfort zone of yours, you are there, you are starting your real life! You have made the first decision, the first step.

But what is transformation? It is a perspective shift on Life itself. It is an irreversible shift. When you are experiencing a deep, structural change on the basic premises of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. It is a shift in consciousness that is dramatically and irreversible alters your way of being in this World. You know it is happening when you are noticing, hearing and start listening to your intuition.

Transformation happens for two reasons:

One is due to suffering. When life itself is trying to awaken you, make you realise that the way you are in the now, the way you are doing things, your actions, your thoughts, your feeling and emotions, the way you are existing are not in alignment with your true Self. It is time to shift, time to make different decisions, time to change, time to awaken. You deserve more and better, realise it!

The other reason is due to wisdom. When you get to hear, read, see the right things and meet the right people at the right time in your life that affects you so much and deeply that will cause and help you to transform.

Transformation, for most people, is unpredictable, slow and can be painful. But, if you choose and practice self - growth, you will be wanting to create deliberate changes, and make conscious decisions in your life so that you are making sure that you are continuously waking up, getting to know yourself and your core, true and deepest values that leads you to align with your True Self and creating the life you deserve and that is Yours.

Do not misunderstand me, transformation is not a quick, easy process that happens overnight. It is an ongoing practice we all have to do daily. It takes dedication, commitment, self-awareness, discipline, and self-responsibility. And to find the best approaches, rituals and people to listen to, knowing who and what teachings are the best for YOU, from all the possibilities and information that are circulating in the World nowadays, is not easy and can be overwhelming. I know it very well myself. I have been where you are at right now. It took me time and a lot of shifts, decisions, awareness, and steps to get where I am today, to know what I know right now.

Saying YES to change, being committed and determined, having the willingness to step out of the comfort zone, making the decision to put your self - growth and your awakening as a priority are probably one of the first choices you have to make. Transforming, changing, being bold, choosing self - awareness and self - responsibility, choosing self - growth, and self - discipline are all the greatest and most important qualities you can have in life. When you make them important, when you are choosing to get to know yourself, your deepest values and desires, your true nature, and your true Self, when you decide to listen to it, following what it tells you, hearing and trusting your intuition, everything else will fall into place. Your life improves because as You grow, your Life grows and as your Life grows, You grow!

All in all, we can say that yes, it is true. It does start with one decision. The life you want for yourself (or even more) can be all yours, once you embrace change, and commit yourself that your self - growth, and transformation will become your priority. Because the end of it all, your life comes down to your decisions you are making all the time, in every second consciously or unconsciously. Your decisions today define your tomorrow.