Be Aligned

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The first time, when I heard the expression “be aligned” was years ago, when I was listening to a podcast and the guest used a quote from Mahatma Gandhi to explain the meaning of the phrase. The quote goes like this: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”. And basically, in a sentence, be aligned got explained. But let me go a bit more into details.

There are a few reasons why I have chosen “Be Aligned” as the name of my website. First and foremost, I was listening to my intuition, to be honest. It was the light bulb moment that I was waiting for when the name came to me. I felt ease, lightness, no force on it or on me, I felt authenticity and alignment. That is how I was reassured that it is the name I should be going with, that is how I knew it was the right one. The second reason is because I think the phrase expresses very well what we should be all aiming for. To be aligned. It is the thing, as Gandhi said, that leads to happiness, makes you feel free, authentic, joyful, and complete. Being aligned gives you the feeling of wholeness, abundance, constant gratitude and makes you connect truly, completely, and fully with the Self and the Universe. When you are aligned, you are becoming more and more “lucky”. More and more synchronicities and “coincidences” occur in your life. Somehow, you are ending up meeting with the right person at the right time, or you get to hear or read something that gives you answers to questions you have been asking within yourself for a while. Being aligned is when things are falling into place. Also you are getting stronger feeling inside about things you are wanting to do and whether or not they are good or bad, you feel that it is in alignment with your values or not. Your intuition become stronger.

When you are on the path of mindfulness, and you are becoming more and more self – aware, you are basically getting more and more aligned. You are getting to know yourSelf and your values more and more. You are starting to recognise the voice, the feeling within that is your intuition and you start listening to it without any hesitation or without questioning it. You know that whatever it tells you is the right way for you in that moment. The more conscious you are, the more aligned you are. You are starting to notice your behaviours, your actions, your thoughts, and your language. You are paying attention to it all and start make the needed changes when you catch yourself not acting the way you are thinking.

When there is no alignment, the Universe and the Self lets you know about it. That is when you think life is against you, and you keep asking “Why is this happening to me?” / “Why me?” That is when you are keep repeating the same mistakes without noticing the lesson in them, when you are feeling down, melancholic, or stressed all the time. That is when you are in a bad mood most of the time and not seeing the bright side of things. That is when you cannot be happy for others because you have jealousy within you and when you keep complaining and blaming others. But the most obvious way the Self and the Universe are trying to get your attention that it is time for change because your true values and your life’s purpose, that you might not know just yet, and the way you are living your life are not in harmony is through health issues. Unfortunately, most of the time, in case of human beings, I think it is always some kind of disease, trauma, or tragedy of some kind that is needed to bring the long-waited shift in their lives and mindset. All diseases that are experienced by you, no matter how small or big they are, are some kind of signals. They are trying to tell you that there is something within you that you have yet to overcome, change or let go because whatever is happening in your life right now is not in alignment with the Self, who is the truest you, with your purpose and with your values.

All health problems can be linked back in one way or another to the Self, to your soul or spirit. That being is trying to get your attention, that being is trying to make you aware that whatever is going on is not the right way for you. But once, you are mindful, aware and know your values and who you are, you will immediately feel “wrong” within when you are not acting, speaking or thinking the way that is truly you, truly the Self. You get to know instantly when you have done something and that is creating imbalance within you. You can catch it all in time.

Becoming aligned is another reason why being mindful and being self – aware are important. So that you can listen to the Self, realise and see the patterns in your life, notice the signals of the Universe and make the transformation when it is needed and where it is needed to make sure that you get to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.