Be Honest with Yourself

If you follow me on Instagram, then you are aware of the post I have added to my account today. It is about being honest to yourself. I feel like it is a very important topic to talk about, yet I am not hearing it being a subject matter that people would discuss so openly and often. Although, being honest with yourself in all areas of your life is one of the most important things that needs to be practised.

First and foremost, everything starts with you and yourself. Everything you are wanting to get from others, from any of your relationships, from the Universe, has to be given to you by you first. Love, trust, commitment, worth, help, and honesty, as well. You cannot expect the Universe to give you the love you desire if you are having hateful, disturbing, and harmful thoughts about yourself. You have to accept yourself the way you are in the present whilst working towards the Self you are meant to be in order to receive all the beautiful loving experiences that you are after. Same rules apply for honesty. You cannot blame others for lying to you if you are doing the same to you, as well. If you do not respect yourself enough to look deep within and admit to yourself that the things you are doing, saying and thinking are in contradiction with each other (later on that I explain what I mean), or the things you are saying but the way you are feeling about them are not in alignment, then why would anyone else respect you by telling the truth to you?

The other reason it is important to be honest to yourself is because this way you will get to know yourself and your real desires better. You will understand more why you are doing what you are doing and why you are experiencing different feelings like frustration, tiredness, or stress. One reason of the uprising negative feelings in you could be that you are not being yourself, you are lying to yourself by being in the relationship you do not want to be, by doing the job that you wish to give up desperately. Oftentimes, you are acting a certain way because society told you that you have to be like that, or you have to choose a particular profession as a career of yours because you were told so, expected so by your family but deep down you are wishing to express yourself as something or someone else. By being honest to yourself, you will see the real reasons behind your mood swings, behind your down pulling feelings and if you are ready, if you care about you and if you are brave enough, you can make the needed changes to turn things around.

See, lying is easy. Much easier than honesty. And fooling yourself about your own honesty is even much easier. You do not even notice that you are lying to yourself, that you are in contradiction. What do I mean? Let me explain by painting an image for you. Let’s imagine that you are practising affirmations. One affirmation that you are keep saying to yourself is that “I am abundant.” In this case, I mean financially. You imagine that you have that certain amount of money on your bank account, that you are able to buy whatever you want and whenever you want to without any problem. You keep saying to yourself that you do not care about money, you do not even check you bank account balance because, as I said, you do not care. But! When you go to do grocery shopping, you look at the price of the food you want to buy and if it feels expensive you rather put it back or choose something else. You are at the check out section and when you see the total amount that is needed to be paid you think to yourself: “How does it all cost that much? I have barely bought anything.” You choose things from promotion or wait till they go on sale. Or, you say you have no fear or worry about paying the rent each month, but still doing calculations in your head about it, though. Or another example can be when you say that you trust the Universe and have faith in it about your future but still getting stressed and being worried about what will happen next month.

These are all contradictions. When you are saying one thing, but you act and think in a totally different way. And let me tell you, even if you are aware, awakened, even if you are mindful and conscious about you, your life and you are very much in alignment with your true Self, still these things can go unnoticed within you, occasionally. Now, imagine if you live the mundane, grey and zombie life, how unnoticed these things are. And how unhelpful they are, as well. Unhelpful to transform your mind, unhelpful to change your life around. And that is why, to me, honesty, being honest with myself is significant. And that is why I am trying to emphasise the importance of it. Because lying to yourself, not doing regular check-ups on it, can affect your other practices you are doing regularly towards growth and transformation.

By practising and by adding to your routine the regular self – checking in about “self” – honesty, you get to change things around in your life sooner, you get to act on unwanted feelings and situations quicker and you get to become more aligned with your true Self.

So be honest. Do not lie to yourself. Look deep within and see truly what is happening within you. Understand the real reason behind your mood swings, behind your frustration or stress. Most of the times the seem-to-be reason is never the real, root cause of the rising emotions and thoughts you are having. Meditate. Take a moment to be quiet and have an honest conversation with yourself. All relationship requires honesty to thrive, but the most important one, especially. The one that you are having with yourself.