Change Is Simple But Not Easy

The decision to make changes in your life; the promise to yourself that from now on things are going to be different; the commitment that you are going to think and do things differently can arrive to your life for two reasons. From one point - that is the most common one - change happens when there is some scary, painful, traumatic event in your life; when there are disappointments, heart breaks, health problems or similar uncomfortable, unpleasant events occurring. Most of the times, people need to have a certain kind of “wake-up call” in order to realise that there are some serious changes that need to be made. A lot of the times, different signs are showing up continuously pointing towards these unfortunate experiences but, as in most cases, they are ignored.

The other reason for change to happen is a more pleasant one. It is when things “just fall into your lap”. When there is no particular painful experience in your life but for some reason, by coincidence, certain health related information is being shared with you that is relating to your current situation; a particular self – help book is being discussed amongst your colleague and you get to hear amazing reviews on it; you get to see a television interview where the guest is a well – known lifestyle coach who shares such helpful information and valuable tips and tools that she / he catches your attention so you want to know more about what she / he has to offer. This is when you see the signs, this is when you become aware of you and your own life, this is when you decide to take things into your hand before it is too late or before history repeats itself again and again and again.

Change At The Beginning

It does not matter why you decided to turn your life around, it does not matter how you got to the point where you said it was enough. The great thing is that you got there. You had that lightbulb moment when you realised that things need to be done differently in order to feel better, to live better, to have a healthier and happier life.

At the beginning, I think change is easy for everybody. It does not matter which area of life we are talking about, when you make the decision that you are going to act, think, behave, live, and eat in a different way than before, you feel excitement and rush. For instance, you read that particular self – development book that is full of little helpful tools and you start to apply them in your everyday. You feel energised, you are focusing on remembering the tips, you are conscious about yourself. You are happy because the book is right, you are not as stressed, you are taking life’s events a bit easier than before, you are even more understanding. You are doing all as you should.

If it is health, exercise, new healthier way of eating are the areas where you decided to start doing things differently, you are feeling curious and elevated about the foods that you are going to eat, you are experiencing and experimenting whether you will like them or not; you are feeling excitement about the exercise plan that you decided to follow. You feel good at the beginning because there is something new is happening in your life, something that you are excited to try. Something that you have not done before, and you just cannot wait to see where it takes you.

And When Life Happens

And then something happens. To be more specific, life happens. I do not necessarily mean something horrible but just life itself in general. You feel a bit more pressure on your shoulders to get things done; things are not going according to your way, so you are frustrated; you feel a bit lower on energy and more hormonal due to having that time of the months; you feel tired and exhausted due to stress at work; you have misunderstandings and more debates in your relationship with your partner and so on. “Simple” everyday life experiences. Now, these are the times that are the most important ones when it comes to change. These are the times that are crucial making or breaking points. These are the times when you have to stick to your newly started routines, your new way of life even more. But unfortunately, these are the moments where most people give up.

Harder Times

As I said above, when all is happening really well in your life, when things are going the way that is pleasant for you, when you are seeing the results of the work that you are putting in into your new life, you are capable to maintain the needed new habits way easier. But when life happens and you are going through a bit rougher period, the new habits are the easiest and the first ones to be dropped and forgotten. Because when harder times come, and the newly picked up routines, habits, thought patterns are not unconsciously done just yet, they still need to be strengthened a bit more, but you are “not in the mood today” for them, that is when the ego and the mind are going to strike. They are going to use this time as an opportunity to create thoughts in your head that are convincing you about giving up. Convincing you about the lie that this whole new thing is not even working, there is no point of doing and practising them anymore, there are no visible results on you or even in your life. They are going to try to make you return to your old way of living and being.

And that is the moment when you have to be the strongest and when you have to use all the willpower you have to pull the curtains on them and see what is really happening. This is the time when you cannot stop. This is the time when you particularly have to stick to your new lifestyle. This is the time when you have to push it through. Because, for once, that given stressful moment or period you are experiencing is temporary. Nothing lasts in life. It might not be a day or two, it might take a bit longer for this particular event to go away, but sooner or later it will pass. And when the darker clouds are gone from your head, and the Sun is shining again, you will question yourself why you had listened to those lies and given up your workout routine or healthy eating habits completely or why you have started to create unnecessary negative thoughts in your head when you felt so much better when you were practising the opposite.

Another, and probably the most important reason why it is important in the harder periods to push through and not to forget and not to give up those newly picked up habits, is because these are the times when you are being tested. These are the times when you are put into circumstances that are challenging you to see how committed and determined you are towards change, how serious you are about transformation, how badly you want it to happen. You are being tested to see if the lessons have been learnt at all or not yet, if the insights and teachings for self – development have been applied at all and correctly or not, and if you understand it all or not. These life events are necessary and needed because these are helping you to practise the lessons that you were meant to learn.

And once the hardships are gone, once life gives you a bit of fresh air, a bit of break and you realise that you sticked to your new lifestyle, to your new habits; the pride will be a rewarding feeling. Knowing that you did not give up will make you realise that you have changed already. Just by not giving up. It will make you see how strong you are, how serious you are about this new life of yours and it will show you capabilities of yours that you did not know you had in you.


Change is simple but it is not easy. Unfortunately, people tend to give up “the new thing” in their life after the first rough time. They believe the created lies in their head, even thought, they did not even give a proper chance to this new habit. Creating a new life, a new self, a new routine takes time, it does not happen overnight. The old, wrong, unhealthy habits that have been living with you since you were a child, have to be rewired in your brain. New circuits have to be created and that is a long process. That is why change is not easy. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to see any results at all and people are not patient nor seriously committed enough to do what is necessary to create the new life they are wishing to have. However, if it is important to you, if it is a priority to you then you will do whatever it takes to make sure that you will push through the hard times, you will not give up because you know that at the end, it is all worth it. The reward will be the life of your dreams and even more.