Choice is One of Your Superpowers

Once you become aware of your true Self, once you realise who you truly are, once you understand that you are not your physical body, you are not your thoughts, feelings nor emotions but so much more; a whole new World is opening up for you. You are able to see your powers, your capabilities, your real strength, and you understand and accept the fact that every single thing is for you in your life so that you can grow and evolve spiritually. Because you are here to make the most and the best out of your human experience.

When you get to truly understand the above - mentioned things and when you truly get to embody and live by these philosophies, you will make peace with the fact you are making decision in every minute of your life consciously or unconsciously. You will accept the fact that you do have a choice in each and every situation that is happening for you.


Please, do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that you choose to have obstacles, nor that you have chosen to lose loved ones. No. Of course not. You are not in control of life. You are not able to take charge over when or how you say goodbye to a dear person in your life, you do not have the power to make your boss not to fire you, nor have the ability to command another person how to treat you. No. These are all experiences that are all there for you, they are all happening for you. These are events you call life. But what I am saying is that you do have the choice in these circumstances. You get to choose how to react to them, how to handle them, how to overcome them, what perspective to have towards them, and what to learn from them. These are all your choices you are making in each moment of your life.

You Decide

Majority of people are not seeing this, though. Most of them stuck in victimhood where they think that the Universe is punishing them, that nothing is their fault nor their choices. But that is not true. Each day in each moment you can tap into your superpower and make a decision. You are making a decision about what type of foods you are eating to nourish or not nourish your body. Saying that you are too tired to cook or not having the time for it are just excuses you are using and choosing to believe to justify the choice to order another unhealthy take out again or buy the sugary, not fresh foods from the grocery stores. Or you are choosing to listen to the excuses your mind is creating as to why not to wake up just half an hour earlier each morning so that a short and efficient physical exercise could be done that is beneficial to your health. You are choosing the belief that you only will be happy when certain amount of money is on your bank account. You are choosing not to meditate by saying that you do not have the time for it or by saying that it is not for you. You are choosing to get upset on the train because it makes you late from work. You are choosing to be angry because there is a long line you have to wait in in front of the post office. Or you are choosing to still feel sorry and sad for yourself because your partner cheated on you years ago.

Why Choice is A Superpower?

There are other hundreds of examples that I could have written here to make my point. As I said, no you are not in control of life and of what is happening to you. But you are in control over the choices you are making when you are reacting to them. And that is where you power is. The thing that I find amusing and interesting at the same time is that you know what decisions you are suggested to make to better yourself and your life. You know what life you are offered to live in order to make the most and the best out of each experience you are having. You are fully aware of the choices, daily habits, and routines you are advised to do in order to become the best version of yourself and reach your goals. You are fully aware of the things that are beneficial for you, you are familiar with the things that are there to help you to live each moment to the fullest and have less stress, suffering, problem in your life. And yet, only a little percentage of population live by them, make daily small decisions towards them. And that is why choice is a superpower. Because not everybody does it or sees it this way.


You all know what to do to become the best version of yourself and yet you are still not doing it. There is a difference between actually doing the things and knowing what you should be doing but still not doing it. Unfortunately, not everybody is there to make the choice for themselves to be better. And that is your choice. It is your choice what life you are living and how. It is only your choice and no one else’s. And that is fine, it is your life, your choice. I just want you to remember that you only have one human experience. It is your decision what to make out of it. You decide. And know that you can make the choice to become better at any moment in your life. So, take control of part of your life you get to control. Shape your own life with the power of choice. Because if you were able to do even fraction of things you should, you would be a bad ass. And remember it is the choice, it is the decision that defines the greatest performers comparing to others.