Why Practise Those Healthy Habits Daily?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

In order to see the wished changes in our life, certain things are required to be done. One main thing is to pick up healthy, meaningful and helpful habits (like meditation, journaling, reading self - help books, doing yoga) that are supporting our growth. And we have to make sure to practice them daily.

It does not matter how far along you are in your spiritual, personal growth journey, it does not matter if you are just starting to get to know yourself and your purpose or you are already in alignment with your highest Self; along the way, you will have times, when the doubt, fear, anxiety, stress, "not being enough" feelings and thoughts will arise within you. And let me tell you something; that is okay and that is why it is a necessity to practice daily those rituals that are helping you to stay on your path. To make sure that when that little thought unexpectedly says "Hi!", you catch it.

There are moments in life when you are moving forward, you are making the progress, and you are constantly seeing the results of your new mindset that is created by your newly found habits, routines. You are not having any negative feelings and thoughts within you, you are not creating any contradiction in your life. You are feeling stable, strong, creative and action driven. Amazing!

But then; all of a sudden; boom! A small, unexpected thought pops into your head from nowhere and makes all the difference. You start to question yourself and everything you have done so far. "Am I good enough?" "Is what I am doing meaningful?" "Am I really capable?" "What will others think of me?" "What if no one reads my writings?" "I will never have the life I want, this whole thing is just a waste of time." Worst case scenario, you start believing them, feed them even more, overthink them, add more value to the story and you are down at the rabbit hole. Again. Does it sound familiar? Trust me when I say, we have all been there.

It does not matter how well you think you understand and apply the theories, philosophies, insights you are using to shift your mindset and change your life; your mind and life will always be there to test you. Test you to see how good you actually are at interpreting the tools you are using, to see what you have learnt so far or if you have learnt anything at all. Your mind likes things that are comfortable, familiar, easy, does not require a lot of thinking or changing and it wants things to remain the same. Your brain is designed to keep you alive so it will try to protect you by going against change, and the unknown. It will try to stop you from transformation. Especially, at the beginning of your journey. But if you want the shift in your life, in your mind, you have to keep fighting with your brain every single day with the help of your rituals, and by interrupting old habits. That is why growth takes time, determination, commitment and hard work. Real change will not happen overnight with the snap of the fingers. And remember, your mind is your biggest friend and enemy at the same time. It generates thoughts that needs to be transcended.

The interesting thing is that I have realised, that those thoughts, and emotions that suddenly come up, are actually good things because they help you in your journey. You get to see, with the help of them, how far along you have come. You get to reflect. And that is a great thing, that is one tool, for sure, to be used in the personal growth journey.

You get to reflect on how early you notice that negative thought or emotion within you, you get to reflect on whether or not you let it quietly overtake your whole being and let them dictate your feelings and mind for days, perhaps for weeks or, you are so good at your practice, you are already so aware and mindful, that when things like this happen, you remember your helpful tools, insights and you act. You catch those uninvited guests soon enough to deal with them just in time so that you can be again the person who knows that the mind lies.

The other reason why I think those negative thoughts and feelings need to come and go uninvitedly in our life, is because once you acted on them, once you stopped believing them, you get to celebrate. You notice the change in you, how much more aware you became, how you are so not the same person you used to be. You get to see some result of your hard work and daily practice. This will give you the feeling of achievement, success that helps you to keep stay focused, consistent and carry on doing what you are doing.

All in all, it is safe to say that it is necessary to practise daily those rituals and insights, theories that are supporting your personal growth journey in the best and most useful ways. Make sure to do them regularly and not just when harder times are around because the small, consistent habits that can be done every single day, and routine in our everyday life are the foundations of your mindset's transformation that will lead to the life you deserve.