How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Updated: Jan 15

I am not going to lie to you, but the last two days have not been the easiest days of my life. From the moment I had woken up, I had thoughts coming in and out of my mind that were all fear based, that were all about future worries, about how and when things will work out. I do not like waking up like this, I guess no one does, to be honest. Having your morning starting like this has a huge affect on your whole day, on your mental health, on your self – esteem, on your productivity, on everything basically. And things would get worse and worse if you were not conscious, if you were not aware of what your mind is actually doing with you.

Because this is what it is. Your mind’s game. Your mind is constantly creating thoughts. Some of them are better ones that you like hearing, feeling, and thinking. And there are some of them that you are less likely to feel so nice about. That is why your mind is your biggest friend and your worst enemy at the same time. And that is why being mindful and having the right mindset are important. Because when you are awakened, when you notice immediately what is happening in your head, you have the power, you have the ability to transform these unwanted, fear based, negative, full of lies thoughts to ones that are going to help you to change your day around and that are going to have a positive influence on your mental health and mindset, as well.

As I have mentioned above, my last two days did not start well from the moment I had woken up. There are so many reasons why it could happen to anyone. Due to not having a good night sleep (by reading my earlier post “Sleep to Keep your Health” you know why it is so important in your life), due to being hormonal, due to certain Moon - planetary alignment changes, due to certain ongoing experiences in your life and so on. It does not matter why these thoughts were created. The important thing is to notice them and to overcome those before bigger damage is done. So, let me give you a few sustainable tools that I was applying from the moment of realisation of these thoughts and that were so helpful that within a couple of hours, I managed to transcend these unwanted lies in my head.

First, it is important to be aware. By not being aware, by not seeing and by not realising what is happening actually within you, no change in your day, in your feelings and not even in your mind can be done. To become conscious, to see that there are these negative thoughts generating within your mind without your permission start paying attention to you and yourself more. Be in the present, be in the now, there is nowhere else you can be anyway. Be mindful on what is happening around you and within you and realise how you are thinking and feeling. Your mood and your emotions are big tellers, as well. If, for some reason, you are not catching those thoughts right away, I am sure you notice the way you are feeling. Sensations might be easier to be noticed by some. Lethargy, sadness, anger, or anxiety are strong enough feelings, unfortunately, that some of you might catch them sooner.

Then, do a little research, reflection. Ask yourself: Are those thoughts real? Is there any truth behind them? Is it any good for my brain and mental health? Most probably the answer will be no. If the thoughts are connecting to the past, there is nothing you can do about them. You cannot go back to your history and alter anything in it. There is no point dwelling on the should / could / would. Let it go. Learn the lesson that is meant to be learnt from the experience, they happened for you, for a reason. See it, understand it, grow with the help of it and move on. No joy and peace can come from living in the past. It is behind you for a reason. “What happened happened and could not have happened any other way, because it did not!” – Peter Crone.

If those thoughts are connecting to the future and they are creating anxiety, and fear (remember; fear is not real, fear is a choice. It is a product of the thoughts your mind creates) within; again, there is no point of spending time over something that has not happened yet and might not happen at all. You do not know the future; you do not know what will happen and how it will happen. With future thoughts, your mind is just creating a perception of a future that has not happened yet and it is listening to fear, worry, and anxiety. It is listening to these feelings because you are speculating towards worst case scenario. But let me tell you something. A perfect, beautiful future that I could propose to think of instead is just as real as the one that you created in your head as worst-case scenario. Is not it? But guess what? None of them happened! Realise it. And why have not they happened? Because you are still sitting and reading this blog in the comfort of your living room.

After all this, the last step can be done where you are applying affirmations, where you are starting to generate the opposite of those negative thoughts. You transform these thoughts that are full of lies into real, true, and helpful thoughts. Affirmations are powerful tools that can help you to change your mind and feelings, and they are also helpful ways to manifest the growth and transformation you seek in your life. By repeating positive, short sentences and phrases frequently to yourself, you can imprint those ideas into your subconscious. Your subconscious learns through repetition. You may struggle with believing your affirmations at first. It is because they have not been integrated yet into the subconscious mind but as long as you continue repeating them, they feel true after a while. And slowly but surely, you gain the power to triumph over negative thinking. Whenever a harmful thought raises up in your mind, question it and immediately turn it around. Tell yourself the completely different version of it and see what happens.

I was applying these tools while I was doing my usual morning routine in the last two days and within a couple of hours, I have noticed the change within me. I did not feel down anymore nor had those unhealthy thoughts within my head. Thanks to these steps, the second half of my days turned out really well. Just imagine, how much worse things could have been if I were to believe everything my mind was telling me. I am sure I would have more than just two uneasy mornings. By not following these steps, my whole days would have been ruined, my mental health would have been affected badly, my feelings would have been down and who knows what a deep hole I could have created for myself, for my self – esteem, and for my self – worth.

So, the steps are awareness - seeing the truth behind these thoughts - using affirmations. I know these things are easier said than done. But, as always, be patient with yourself, do not be judgemental, be consistent, and practice, practice, practise. By keep repeating, by keep applying these tools your mind, your subconscious will be rewired and rather sooner than later you will see the wanted change in your life.