Is Your Mind Full Or Mindful? – Ways To Overcome Overthinking

I think it is safe to say that you are all experiencing such a big uncertainty in your life. For some, it is the income source that used to be a fixed, a sure thing in your life. For some of you, it is the relationship that seemed so stable but now it is in pieces. For others, unfortunately, it is the most precious thing in your life, your health that serves as a liability at the moment. In one way or another, you are all facing the unknown. You do not know what will happen next, you do not know when things will start to change again for the better and as the most important thing that you are all trying to always figure out, you are not aware of the how neither.

On top of it all, life is still happening, experiences in your life are still coming and going, the globe is still moving, foods are still needed to the human body to functions properly, bills and rent payments are still due to be paid and so on. All of these are adding together slowly but surely and at some point, no matter how conscious you are, no matter what a big “positive thinking” person you are, no matter how well you are capable to handle every day’s situations; there is at least one day, when you notice that you are in your head and not being in the present, when you realise that no energy left within you and you catch yourself jumping on all little things. These are all caused by you feeling anxious, by you worrying about the future, by you worrying about the uncertainty, by you trying to control the uncontrollable. These are all caused by you overthinking everything. This is what they call your mind being full.

Is the Mind Full?

First and foremost, I would like you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, lost, and having everything overthought. You are a human. Till the day you die, each day you will come across with certain experiences in your life that will make you feel or think different things. You have all kinds of feelings, emotions, and thoughts in your life every single day. That is the norm and that is why you are here, partially. To experience all of them and to learn what to do with them, how to handle them and to take a step further on that imaginary path you are walking after learning what needed to be learnt from them.

So, as I said, having a mind that is full is normal. You all had or have that. You were not taught any different, you are not familiar with any other way of being, so that is where you start your evolvement in life. With a mind that is full and that is initially there to predict and to protect. Whenever you are going through a certain experience, it is the thought, connecting to that particular event, that arises within first and not the emotion. The mind, from past examples, tries to predict a future. A future, that most of the time is not a pleasant one. Why? Because, as I said, the two reasons why the mind is functioning are to predict (an outcome, the future, a scenario) and to protect you. So, for the sake of your protection, it has to make you ready for the worst - case scenario. That is why. And that is when the overthinking shows up. And that is when the emotions are appearing, as well.


I am sure this is a part that requires no explanation from me because at some point in your life, you had that lovely feeling within when one thought was following the other so rapidly that you, yourself, do not even remember how did you get from A to B. When one simple thought from the unknown, or maybe from the known, arises and you start to feed it more and more. You are adding more and more to the story, more and more thought is created unnecessarily. And, adding to this, all of a sudden, you notice that you start feeling different emotions, as well. Stress, anxiety, worry, fear and their partners come to the surface. And you have arrived, the circle is closed. You are at overthinking mode. Unfortunately, this is an experience that you and I are familiar with more than we would like to be. No one likes this, no one wants to be in this headspace. It is unnecessary, invalid, full of lies, it is tiring, a waste of your energy and a huge waste of your time.


As I said, having a mind that is full, and overthinking things happen to the best of us. It is part of life. But I want you to know that there are ways out of it. There are helpful things that you can start doing, even from now, to make sure that you are not going down on that rabbit hole the next time when it happens, and you are not wasting your precious time nor energy on your lying mind.

First, as everything, it requires you to be aware. You have to be conscious of your own self, of your own thoughts. You have to hear them; you have to realise what is happening within your head. Then, when you catch your mind creating thoughts that you do not want them to be there, shake your head and ask yourself: “What am I doing?” “What is going on?” “What is happening?” Realise that you do not want this, these are not you, these are not created by you, these are all mind works done unconsciously. Stop for a bit and start asking the following questions: The thought I am having = Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind? They are easy to remember, just T.H.I.N.K.

Once you start answering the above - mentioned questions you will see what a not so nice trick is played by the mind on you. What a fearful, negative future is pictured by it to your entertainment. But when you become aware of it, just change it, paint a different picture. Consciously. As easily as the mind created a fearful, worst – case scenario future, as easily you can create a beautiful, extraordinary one, as well. Absolutely no difference between the two. Why? Because none of them has happened yet. The future has not happened yet. Anything, literarily, anything can happen. You create your own future, not your mind.

Another thing that I suggest you doing after, is to contradict your mind’s thoughts. Start telling yourself the truth, start to prove the mind wrong and prove to yourself why all the things that are in your head are lies and worst cases. Start reinforcing yourself about the invalidity of the mind. Soon, you will start to feel calmer, more at ease and if you are like me, you will even have a laugh about what just happened. About how crazy to experience what the mind is capable of if we remain unconscious even for a split second.

And then, you can start to remember with a calmer mind about your true Self. Remember about who you really are, about that deep Self within who is the real you, who is observing all this, who is never changing, and who is, with the help of events like this, unfolding from within even more.

No Judgement Though

One very important thing, thought, I am asking you to do or more likely not to do is not to judge. Do not judge your mind, do not judge yourself, nor your feelings, nor anything. Do not judge! You are not less worthy due to this experience, you are not broken, you are not damaged, nor you have fallen back from your progress. No! You are human, and you are just having a certain experience to a certain situation in your life that you are trying to handle in the best way possible. You are doing your best by the knowledge you have. It is okay to have these experiences in your life. They will come and go. Always! The difference is that the more you practice them, the more time they come up, the better you get at how to handle them. And that is how progress is made.


You cannot avoid things in your life. Events will happen, and you will have certain interactions with them. On your better days, you might be able to handle it all so smoothly and easily. On not so bright days, you feel like that it is harder to overcome that particular experience. But, as long as you are aware, you are awakened, you are conscious, you notice yourself and you truly see what is happening within, and you start practising different things that are all there to help you to overcome on the experiences, believe me you will be just fine because at the end of the day, everything is temporary. Nothing last. And remember, as Eckhart Tolle said: “Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”