The World is changing, it is easy to see. And I do not just mean this current pandemic situation you and I are experiencing. I mean the things that used to be emphasised, important, valued, praised, in trend, showed on social media platforms or in society, they are all coming to an end. Now, due to the ongoing challenge that people are all facing in one way or another, the interest and the attention of humans are turning more and more towards their own mental and physical health and wellbeing. The way people have been living for decades now, is showing its true colour. It is seen that you and I are living in an ill World, not just externally but internally, as well. But it is all seems to be shifting towards something better.

More and more of you are voting next to your own health. Not just physically, which is a huge improvement on its own comparing to how it was before, but mentally, as well. More and more of you are realising that the life you are living is not enough, you want more, you deserve more, you were born to have more. You were born to create a life for yourself that you love to live. A life that is not this mundane, grey, same old things over and over again, getting nowhere life, but a life that requires you to leave the current one behind that is full of expectations, old, unhealthy, and false belief systems. You are all understanding how you should come first on your “love list”, how taking the time each day for taking care of yourself is necessary. More and more of you are interested in the tools and ways that are advised to practice and take upon if you are wanting to better your life and make your goals come true. Tools like mindfulness and meditation.

In an earlier blog of mine, I have already talked a bit about mindfulness and what it means. In this one, I would like to make you familiar with meditation, what it is, what the purpose of it, and different types of it, as well. So, let’s jump right into it.

Meditation is paying attention to the present, to reality and to which is real. It is not a lifestyle; it is a way of life. It is clearing you, and your mind. It is cleansing you from living your everyday life in fear, anxiety, or in stress. With meditation, you are taking care of you from the inside. Meditation helps you to clear the filters of your awareness. So many different types of meditations exist that you can easily find the one that is the most suitable for you. But, no matter which one you end up practising, you can make sure that if you are being committed, determined, and doing it every day with intention, the result with all will be the same; you will be more mindful, clean within, focused, your attention will be in the present, you will have the sense of calmness within, you will see things from a different perspective, you become more self – aware and your negative feelings will be reduced over time. Because that is the aim of meditation. To calm the mind and to clean it so that you will end up seeing the true you.

Practise it every day, on good and on bad days, as well, make it a habit of yours to reach your intentions. It might be difficult to do so at the beginning, you will have to be conscious about sitting down and taking the time for it. It is a new thing that is changing you and, as we all know, the mind does not like unknown, and challenging things, the mind likes things to remain the same, and familiar. So, it will try to make you forget about it or it will try to make you find the excuses about why you did not have the time for it. As I said, you consciously will have to practise it at the beginning until it becomes a daily habit of yours. Like taking a shower or brushing your teeth in the morning. If you are doing them every day, if you are making sure that you are cleaning your physical body, you will be able to take time to meditate to clean yourself within. It does not have to be an hour or even half an hour a day. Even starting with 5 – 10 minutes is way better than not doing it at all. And just watch what happens by even starting small. It will become a habit of yours that you cannot live without. You will feel the need to do it each day, even if you have a few minutes for it, but you will end up urging for it. Later, you will make sure to have the time to practise the tool that make you still, and make you connect with you, with the True Self.

As I have mentioned above, there are so many different types of meditations. There is the Mindfulness Meditation where you are focusing your attention, being mindful about either your breath, physical body, arising sensations within or you are focusing on the upcoming thoughts without being judgemental towards them or reacting to them. There is the so - called Zen Meditation that aims to let go of thoughts and gain mental clarity, accessing the true nature of awareness without the disturbance of the mind that is caused by the mental chatters. You can practise Guided Meditation, as well. This type of meditation can be useful, especially for beginners, to make sure that you are not distracted by your thoughts that are created because you try to remember the steps of meditation. Instead, you are paying attention to the teacher’s voice and that way, meditation becomes more affective. There is the well – known Transcendental Meditation, that aims to make the mind become still in a state of Pure Consciousness. This is about transcending thoughts to reach a different state of consciousness. This type of meditation usually uses mantras that are repeated in the mind, not spoken aloud. There is also, another way of meditating that is used by a lot of people. In this case, you are listening to a certain relaxing, soothing music that creates the sensation of calmness and ease within. To make sure that you are getting the most out of this meditational practise, make sure that you are listening to Solfeggio frequency music or one that is either pure Binaural beats (can be too unnatural at the beginning) or at least calming music that is mixed with it.

The list can go on and on about the different meditational practises. What I can offer to you is to do a bit of research, try a few out to see which one is the most suitable for you, which one is the one you can stick to and practise comfortable and joyfully. Meditation is not something you have to do to be more mindful or to gain a different mindset. You can change without practising it. But if you can spare 10 minutes from your day in the morning, if you are willing and truly want the change then why not add this little extra thing to your morning routine to make sure that your day starts great, and to enhance the tools that you are already applying every day to transform your life around.