My Routine & The Importance of Having One

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I am not going to deny, with this topic, I cannot really relate to people who are finding it difficult to create a routine in their life or let alone, not even understanding the importance of it. Thinking back, I have always been the type of person, who was in need of having a sort of repetition, habit in her every days, even from a young age.

Of course, when I was young, I was not doing it for the same reasons I am doing the routines now. And of course, my daily rituals now are very different from the ones I had when I was going to school. When I was little, I remember, I felt the need to have the routine in my mornings to give me the feeling of safety and security. From one point of view, it meant that I knew, if I get to wake up at that time each day, than I have time to enjoy my breakfast and not rush around like a crazy person, get dressed comfortably and leave for school without any extra anxiety than I already had in me about the day I had ahead of me. Basically, I did not want to add extra stress into my life. The other reason why I had to make sure that each morning on school days were going exactly the same way, is because I thought that, if I went through the mornings the same way as I went through on the day when I felt happy, got a great grade, succeeded on an exam, then I would repeat those joyful events each day. There is a certain beauty, childlike innocence in it from one point of view, that makes you go: “Aaaahhhh!” but you can look at it as a ridiculous thing and what a stupid way of thinking.

I have never lost the need of having a routine in my days. As I got older, it was not just my mornings where I realised that I was doing things at the same time, in the same way, with the same habits but throughout my entire days I was creating those routines. Of course, where I could and had “control” over them. Like after school, where to study for the next day, where to do my homework, where to sit to have my lunch at the cafeteria, from what time to sit down to study, and so on. I have always tried to make sure to create those habits of mine and follow them each day.

I was told that living my life like this is unnecessary and ridiculous, they are making me too rigid, stiff and that is not good. I should be more flexible in my life because keep living it this way, I can be sure that I will not be able to enjoy it. I tried to change because I was told so by others, because I thought, the way I was, was not good enough. But in some ways, I have always had that in me naturally, I have always been doing some sort of routines in my days. But, as I got more and more conscious, of course, the reason behind those routines and the habits itself changed.

Now, I am having the first couple of hours of my mornings for self – care. I am taking care of my physical, mental, and spiritual health. First, as soon as I am awake, I get out of bed and within a couple of minutes, I meditate and journal. When these things are done, I am moving my body. It is either HIIT workout, strength training, body weight session or simple pulsing – Pilates - bare type exercises, depending on what my body tells me what she needs. One thing, that I am very conscious to make sure to practise each day, is yoga, of course. Even if I do not have the time to do a full hour flow for myself, I still make sure, that I step on the mat and practise it for that 20 – 30 minutes. I also make sure to have my meals the same time each day, and wake up and go to bed at the same time daily. These are the most important things I have to have as a routine and habit in each day.

But why routines are important?

Well, from a personal point of view, if I miss any of these habits from my days, I feel within that something is off, not right. I am missing something. I am not finding myself being so efficient. I think, it is because they became part of me now, part of who I am. The other reason why I think having a routine in anyone’s life is important is because they make you get out of bed and you are doing something rather than doing nothing. I heard someone the other day explaining that when you are trained to be a soldier, they make you do your own bed in the mornings. They tell you that it will be your reward when you get to crush into the beautifully made bed at the end of the long day, that is full of harsh trainings. But let’s face it, when you are so exhausted, you do not care if the bed is made or not when all you want to do is sleep. The real reason behind it is that whilst you are making your bed, at least, you are doing something. You are getting out of bed and focusing on making the sheets as smooth and perfect looking as possible. You are not lying around, being lazy and turning from one side of yours to the other. See, as in most cases, there is a deeper, underlying reason behind things, it is more psychological that you would think.

Also, by creating a certain routine in your life, it is beneficial to your physical body, as well. Eating around the same time every day makes you hungry only around those times. When you are eating each day at different times, very randomly, your body will feel hungry “all the time” because it will not have the sense of security and safety of getting nourishment, and source of energy. It will think, who knows when and at what quantity I will get food today, so let’s signal for fuel source whenever I can, so I can store those for later. It will not know when you are going to eat again, so it will give you hunger feeling to make you eat something, so that unnecessarily gained energy can be stored. However, by making sure to have each meal of yours at the same time, you are reassuring your physical body that it will get fuelled regularly, so no need to have the sensation of hunger constantly to store extra calories.

By having a routine in your life makes you get out of bed every morning. It gives you the sense that there is something to do in each day. You will not sit around doing nothing. You will get up and make sure that each routine, habits of yours are done. It will help you to be more organised, as well. Because how do you expect to figure out your life, to have a sense of purpose, to live a fulfilled life when you are just lying around all day, scrolling on social media, watching TV, and not even knowing what you are going to do in the next minute let alone in next week / month / year / years? Not having the sense of a healthy routine is not going to give you the life you are wanting. How do you want to create and plan a better life for yourself when you do not even have a plan for the day that is ahead of you? By having routines in your life, you are giving yourself the feeling of structure that is a good starting point to be more organised. By being more organised with your days and daily habits, you are becoming more organised in your life, having more organised thoughts, and they are great foundations towards change and towards the life you deserve to experience.