Positive Thinking vs Positive Thinking

Thinking positively has been a widely discussed and ongoing topic for over decades now. I think it is safe to say that the well – known book “The Secret”, that is read by thousands, maybe even millions – including myself, as well – is the source of the popularity of the phrase mentioned above. This book is one of the many pointing out that by imagining things in your head, seeing yourself doing that activity, picturing yourself reaching that goal of yours will give you what you want. Only by thinking positively.

Well, not exactly. Let’s just say that this book is an accepted, good foundation if you are very, very new to this area, if you are trying to grasp what others are talking about, if you are wanting to better your life without having any other support by your side. As I said, it provides you the basics, but only the very basics and the simplest ones. Please, do not take it wrong, I am not against the book or anything like that. I read it myself, it was a great help at the beginning, it started my journey. But, in this blog, I am trying to make you see and understand what the difference is between positive thinking and positive thinking and give you a bit of understanding of what it actually means to create the life you want and how it can happen.

Think Positively I

At the very beginning of my transformational journey, I based my way of thinking, my positivity on the above - mentioned book. I was picturing myself driving the car that I wanted, I was imagining myself having that body I wanted, I kept saying to myself on the way to work that today was going to be a good day and so on. I was doing all that the book was suggesting one should do. But, for some reason, not a lot of attraction happened, to be honest. My life did not turn around, I never got the car I wanted at the time, nor the body. Did I have more better days? Maybe, probably, but I did not reach the transformation that I wanted, or I was told I would get by thinking positively.

See, that is the thing. When someone tells you to think positively, to be positive and they do not explain what that means exactly, what they mean, what the phrase actually suggests, you are left with not even half of the information. To some of us, it can mean that by repeating in your head that “I can easily have that extra pieces of cake, I will not put on any weight”, or “I will pass my exam without studying”, or “I will find the love of my life without lifting a finger” will give them their wishes. And that is the problem. Saying to someone to think positive to create the life you want is not enough. It is misleading and it is not accurate. Just by sitting at home on the couch and having positive thoughts about your life is not enough. It will lead to nowhere; it will not give you what you want.

Think Positively II

Another way of how the phrase can be understood is a better, slightly more advanced, kind of like “a next level of understanding” version of it. In this stage, you are noticing the little miracles of everyday life. This is when you say that you are happy that you managed to catch the bus even though you were running late, it is when you say that a client of yours was so kind to you, this is when the rain stopped just in time for you to go home. This is when you just simply appreciate how things are going. You notice the “good” things in your day and those make you happy. But most of the time, and be honest here please, you feel the appreciation and have a smile on your face when things are going the way you want them. You feel gratitude when the so called “good” things are happening in your life for you. When you enjoy whatever it is that you just experienced. As soon as something “bad” event occurs, you are less likely to smile, feel grateful about it. You are not having happiness spread inside you anymore. You usually do two things in this case.

You either keep saying to yourself that all is still well, that it is for a reason, you are kind of like “forcing” yourself into the positive thinking. You know what you should be doing, and you are doing that but deep within you are not feeling it, you are feeling miserable, anxious, frustrated, depressed, or stressed. All the opposite of what you are telling yourself in your head. You are creating contradiction within. You keep repeating the positive though in your head but the feeling of it is not there at all. You cannot thing greater than how you feel. You can keep saying the well – known positive thoughts in your head but your vibration of your emotions is not matching with it.

The other option is when you lose it all, you totally forget about positive thinking, and you are back where you started. You are reacting to the circumstances rather than interacting with them, you are getting all the heavy, unhealthy emotions and thoughts. You are letting them take control over you, and you might even start to feed them more and more. This can happen, nothing is wrong with that, but the question is what you are doing after. You can either carry on remaining in this negative state and stay there or you can learn from the experience and get back to “positive thinking”.

Think Positively III

And here we are, at the third part where I get to tell you what it actually means to think positively. Being optimistic is not about telling unrealistic things = lies to yourself, it is not about repeating positive thoughts in your head without feeling them. It Is not about waiting for some external thing to make your life better, nor about not doing anything just visioning, thinking. It is not about being too good or naïve. No. Positive thinking is more than that. Thinking positive, living an optimistic life is a state of being.

Being positive in life means that you are not just imagining the wanted future of yours in your head, you are not just creating pictures of it within. It is not even about feeling joyful, whole, gratitude, love and happy when things are unfolding the way you want them. No.

Thinking positively means that you are in a state of being where you are leaving the past behind completely and not dwelling on it at all, you are focusing on the now and in your head, you are creating your future by imagining all the things you want and feeling them entirely through, as well. You are visioning them as if they are yours already and you are feeling those emotions. You are feeling them in the now, in the present how that particular thing would make you feel. This is how you create.

Positive thinking is when you are accepting the way life is unfolding for you, no matter of the event. When the way you think, feel and act are in alignment, when you know that no matter what happens in your life, you will be fine, when you know that all your experiences you are having are for you and for your evolvement. When you accept life as it is in the now and not feeling sad, miserable about it nor complaining about it. You know that all event is just to make you transform, make you wiser, to make you grow and to make you learn something from it. And you are not just thinking them in your head, but you are genuinely, entirely, completely and fully feeling them within. Starting from your cells, in your whole body. With all your heart. You are in an elevated state when it does not matter if things are going according to how you think they should or not. It will not matter because you know it had to happen that way for you. And you accept it. It is when you are not letting external things control you, your emotions or your thoughts. Positive thinking is when you know that you will have “bad” days, you will experience sadness, heartbreak, tragedy, loss in your life but you know that there is absolutely nothing you can do about them. You accept it and you are letting life unfolds itself. You are still able to say genuinely that life is good.


Transformation, thinking positively is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, a lot of practice and most importantly, it requires awareness from you. You need to notice yourself, how you are thinking, behaving, and acting. You have to always be aware of yourself and catch those unwanted, unrealistic thoughts and emotions, you have to keep practise and keep make sure that you are in alignment, you are feeling the way you are thinking. You have to consciously make the effort. But the more you practise it, the better you get at it and the easier it gets. It is a process; it is a journey but that is what life is about. Getting from one state to another, bettering yourself and creating. Once you become to the elevated state of positive thinking, you will find that your reward for all the hard work will be peace and ease. And that is a beautiful place to live.