Seven Main Chakras

The entire Universe is made of energy. Everything in it is energy. And you are no exception out of it. You are having an energetic body that you cannot see nor touch but it is there, and it is where the energies within you are flowing. You can call it a subtle body. Of this subtle body has seven main, key points that are the vortexes of the energy within you. We know these vortexes as chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. It is referring to the centralised locations where the energies within you converge. Chakras are where the mental, the physical and the subtle bodies of yours are meeting and interacting with each other. Little known fact, that actually, there are around 140 of these centres but “only” seven of these are in focus in today’s society. These seven chakras are basically located along the spine, running from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head.

Each chakra is associated with an element in nature, with a colour, and with a certain sound, as well. In case of lower energy circulation or maybe even a blockage within a chakra, the mental image of the given colour and the repetition of the given sound around the position of the chakra are all helping to strengthen, to recharge that chakra and to untangle that unwanted blockage within. When energy is blocked within a chakra, you will know about it because it will cause physical, mental, and / or emotional imbalances within you that are manifesting in symptoms like anxiety, lethargy, poor digestion, and so on depending on which chakra or chakras are blocked. Practising yoga and using the above-mentioned tools are all great ways to free up those blocked energies and stimulate the imbalanced chakras. The reason why chakras and them kept in balance are important is because each of them are governing certain spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that are all affecting our way of being. But let me explain what I mean, so let’s have a look at the seven chakras.

1. Muladhara = Root Chakra

The element of it is earth, the colour of it is red, and the belonging sound is Lam. It is located at the base of the spine. It governs survival feelings, belonging, and guardedness. It is all about security, self – confidence. When the energy flows easily within you are feeling free, strong, confident, have a sense of inner peace, stability, and fulfilment. When it is blocked, though, the following sensations can arise: feeling of out of balance, neediness, low self – esteem, and being self – destructive. It is the base of the whole chakra system, most instinctual of all chakras.

2. Svadhishtana = Sacral Chakra

The element of it is water, the belonging colour is orange and the sound that helps to strengthen it is Vam. It is located in the area of sexual organs. When it is in balance, it represents fluidity, positivity, creativity, and fertility. You are more receptive of change and you are in flow. It gives you the feeling of deserving an abundant, loving, pleasurable, and creative life. You are being and feeling genuine, passionate, friendly, compassionate, and emotionally stable. You are going with the flow, it tells you how you are connecting to yourself, and to others, how you are choosing partnership, and how you are responding to circumstances in your life. Although, when there is a blockage within this chakra, you are feeling guilt, you are being hard on yourself, you are having trust issues and you are hypersensitive.

3. Manipura = Solar Plexus Chakra

The element is fire, the belonging colour is yellow and the sound that helps to balance this chakra is Ram. As the name of it suggests, it can be found in your solar plexus. This is the fire centre within, the power within you, this is all about willingness, determination, purpose, and direction. This helps you to put ideas into action, you are manifesting, when it is in balance, you feel alive, have self – esteem, you are taking actions towards your goals and you are being productive. When it is blocked though, you are lacking courage, have low self – esteem, feeling inert and stagnant.

4. Anahata = Heart Chakra

The element of it is air, the colour of it is green and the sound that belongs to it is Yam. It is located where your heart is. This chakra, when the energy within flows with ease, awakens love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. You are increasing self – respect, love, and positive outlook of life. You are having kindness within, a sense of inner peace, happiness, calmness, serenity, love without expectations, empathy, tolerance, trust, and stability. You are overcoming separation and division. When there is a blockage within this chakra, you are feeling it by being possessive, co-dependent, having dysfunctional relationships, and have the fear of rejection.

5. Visshuddha = Throat Chakra

Ether is the belonging element of throat chakra with the colour blue. The sound that helps to activate it even more is Ham. And yes, it can be found at the throat area of yours. It is the centre of expression. It helps to communicate your emotions in a healthy way, you are confident in communicating your needs. In balance of this chakra, you have the ability to speak the truth, communicate without fear of judgement or criticism. But, when it is blocked, you feel like you cannot find your voice, your truth, you cannot express yourself the way you want to or having difficulty to express yourself at all. You maybe, are being overly talkative, and you are not listening to others. You are experiencing health issues in this area like thyroid problems.

6. Ajna = Third Eye Chakra

The light is its element, with the colour indigo and sound Om. It can be found between your eyebrows, in the forehead. It is all about intuition, sixth sense, wisdom, and psychic ability. It governs how the rest of the chakras are functioning. When the energies within are flowing, you have insights, you are trusting yourself, you are feeling guided, you are intuitive and grounded, you can see things clearly and from the right perspective. However, in case there is a blockage within, you are being closed – minded, too attached to logic, you are having self – doubts within, you are untrusting yourself and being cynical.

7. Dahaswara = Crown Chakra

The element of it is the cosmic energy, the colour that belongs to it is the white or violet and the sound of it is Om. It is at the crown of the head. When it is charged and the energy within flows with ease, there is the sensation of wholeness within you, you understand who you are beyond your physical body, and clarity and awakening gained. You are feeling free in any situation. But, when it is blocked, you are feeling suffering, and thinking that happiness can come to you only by external forces.

These are the seven important chakras that can be found within all of us and are circulating energies within. As you see, they are all creating different sensations, they are all influencing you and your way of being in different ways. They are all equally important, you cannot neglect any of them. They are all needed to be focused on and kept in balance and harmony. By paying attention to the arising sensation within you, by being mindful, by realising the imbalance within, and by knowing which chakra governs which spiritual law, principles of consciousness, you are able to catch those unwanted and unhealthy feelings and ways of being in time to make sure that balance is restored and greater harmony and wellbeing are cultivated.