Stepping Into The Unknown

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through on my Instagram account, I have come across an affirmation. I tried to search for it today to make sure that I can quote it for you but unfortunately, I could not find it. I have been following so many spiritual, inspiring, helpful, positive affirmations and quotations accounts on Instagram that I was not able to come across with the one that posted the affirmation that made me sit down in front of my laptop and write this blog.

Even though, I cannot put the exact wordings of the post here but what caught my attention about it and what made me inspired to write this blog was the content of it. It was about the importance of embracing the unknown and stepping into it, no matter how small or big those steps are, against all of your fear. When I read it, the first thought and feeling that came up within me were how authentic and true this is. It made me reflect back on my life, to a time when I followed the advice above, I stepped into the unknown and it was the best decision of my life. And let me tell you, to a person, who always had to have a plan in life, for someone who always had to know what will be next, embracing the unknown and just going for it, is a pretty big thing and achievement. But let me explain.

Since I remember, I have always been the type of person who wanted to do things in a perfect way, having perfectly written pages in my life, making sure that no mistakes are done and having a plan about what my life should look like and how it should go. I have always known or at least, I thought I have known what and how things should be following each other in my life. There were no such things as not knowing. Starting from preschool, then mandatory primary and high school where I was a well – behaved student who never got into any trouble, studied well, and had good grades. Then university, where similar rules were applying. Throughout my school years, I have always known what I wanted, how I wanted things to turn out, and what steps I will be taking next. Even after graduating from university. I have always known that I was going to live abroad, so at the age of 21, I moved to London. And this is where things started to change, this is the part where I started to grow and transform, this is the season of my life where consciously and unconsciously, depending on the experience, I have started to embrace the unknown.

It started out small. Small things like changing my job almost every year. As I have discussed it in an earlier post of mine, Finding My Purpose, within the 10 years I have lived in London, I had at least eight different jobs. Without consciously realising to it, I was keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone with each new job. Because even it is just a new job, still. You are not knowing anyone there, you are not having a set routine yet, you are not sure how things are working truly within that company, you are not that familiar with their system or products that much just yet and so on. So, to me, these were already big steps. Changing jobs so often, stepping into the new, unfamiliar almost a yearly basis. But looking back, I see that they were experiences that I needed to have for different reasons. One of them is to be able to make the really big decision in my life, going for the really unknown and unfamiliar step that I made about a year and a half ago. But later on that. Now, I want you to see that it is so much better to be bold, to dare and to face the unknown because at the end of the day, they are great experiences no matter what and you get to unfold more and more. With each job, I got to learn different things, each introduced me to different people and each unfolded and shaped me. Some taught me what I do not want, some connected me to certain types of people I know I do not want to become. Some made me see how much I like interacting with people genuinely and how much I like to help them to evolve and help them to see things from a different point of view.

Then, as I have mentioned above, the biggest, stepping into the unknown decision was made when I decided to go for what I truly wanted to do in life. I have given up my secure, society told you have to have job and booked my place in a yoga teacher training. On my own, the very first time, I flew 18 hours to Bali where I was surrounded with around eight different nationalities and seventeen different personalities ladies for a month. Then explored Bali on my own a bit more but eventually, flew back to London. And there was I, trying to figure out what is next. What, how, when, and why should I be doing? I had plans and ideas but then the pandemic happened so things and planned needed to change, as for all of us. Again, I was asking myself: What to do next? And I got the answer. To be honest, the most and biggest self – growth and transformation of my life happened during this time. I was evolving consciously, I was learning and awakening more and more each day, I became more and more conscious. I have changed a lot during this time, I have realised and got to understand a lot of the things that I thought I understood already. I started to get to know myself more and more, realise who I am truly and really hear and listen to my Self and my intuition.

And thanks to all of these things, I decided to embrace the unknown again with another big, maybe the biggest unfamiliar step I have ever taken by leaving London behind, moving to my home country temporarily, letting go my past and my past Self, taking each day with gratitude, focusing on the now whilst embracing fully and totally the unknow. Because I have no idea, for the first time in my life, where I will be at the end of this month. Even thought, I left my home country behind ten years ago, I changed companies lot of the times, I gave up my job to become professionally who I am today; with these things I had a certain idea, image in my head where they would lead me or had a sense of security behind them. Like I did not hand my notice in until I had another secured job. Or I gained certification in yoga to have clients that I can connect with. So, they are not even comparing to the unknown that I am and all of us, to be honest, are experiencing today. Because, I have plans and ideas in my head and heart about the next couple of weeks of my life but the uncertainty behind them has never been this big. But the greatest things about it is that no matter what will happen and how things will happen, I know that all will be well. Because all the above-mentioned brief examples about the unfamiliar, unknow has been proving me this.

Stepping into the unknown and embracing it against all of your fears is the best thing you can do for your growth and transformation in your life. It is not an easy decision to make but once you make it, once you decide to be bold and be daring, once you go for it, once you go against the rules, once you start doing things for yourself, once you step out of your so familiar and comfortable comfort zone, your real life and the real transformation happens. You will get to know the true you, you will get to see who you truly are, you get to become wiser, and you get to become more aligned. And the more you are doing it, the better you get at it and the less and less that fear feeling will show up. Do not be afraid of the unknown. It is true that it should be embraced.