The Healing Power Of Yours

When you are little, you are unconscious. You are not aware, you do not know what is what, how things are working, who is who, what things are called, how to use tools, how to do things. You have to learn everything. Even getting to recognise your family members is a learning process. Every little thing is learnt in your life. As a child, you have no other option but to rely on your surroundings. You take upon certain believes, behaviours, mindset, attitude, way of speaking based on the model you see in your environment. People in your life are affecting you and your way of being hugely. But, as you get older, as you are experiencing more and more for yourself, as you get more and more conscious, you have the ability to change those energies within you, to let go and create new believes, behaviours, mindset, and anything you want in your life. After a while, your life is up to you and not up to them if you are aware enough.

This is true in all areas of your life. So, it means, no exception from it the belief towards medication and towards yourself as an energetic being who has the power within to heal herself / himself. When you are a child, the first thing that happens when you get sick, is that your parents take you to the doctor to diagnose the illness and get some medication to it to make sure that you get healed and get healthy again. If you are lucky, one type of medication is enough to get you out of the illness but most of the time, let’s face it, you end up popping two to three different types of pills three times a day. And you do that for about a week. At least. When you finish consuming all the required quantity from those medications, you feel better and healthier again. That is the norm. That is what everybody knows. And this belief is carried on through your adulthood, as well and you live in this mindset till the day you die. And this is the kind of thinking that you pass on to your children and surroundings.


But what if I told you that things can work in a different and much healthier, much normal and much better way. What if I told you that you have the power within to heal yourself, to get better and regain your strength without taking any poisonous thing into your mouth and to let it spread in your system. Because that is what pills are. Full of toxic materials that you do not even know what they do to you and your body. When you go to the doctor and they tell you to take this because this is the next best thing, and they seem all enthusiastic about it, you buy into the vision they are selling you, you already believing that if you start taking them you will get better. And when the pharmaceutical company gives a very complicated, “not even able to pronounce name” to the medication, that is even better because it reassures you that it must be affective. And, when the television that you are consuming daily, advertise in a very dreamy way that particular medication, and you see the benefits of it by images, through the advertisement, you know that those pills will make you better and healthy again. Why does it work? It has nothing to do with the substances that the medication was made of. The pharmaceutical company does not create them for you to be well, they do not care about you or your well - being. They do not want you to get better, otherwise how would they remain in business? No. The pill itself work; you get better because you believe in it. You were sold the dream and you bought it. Unconsciously.

You Are Energy

And the same way, if you believed to all the above – mentioned things, you can, as easily, believe to the other way that is able to heal you. And that way is you and your power from within. Here, it is important to know and wrap your head around the fact that you are not your physical body. Your physical body is like a suit, clothing that you wear. You are not it. You are so much more. You are energy. And that is where your power lays. Everything within you and everything around you are made of energy. So, the thing that is causing you the weakness, that is causing you the illness is made of energy, as well. Using this, having this knowledge and understanding will help you to see your own capabilities in all area of your life, and it will make you create things in it that you have never imagined you can have and do. Like, to heal yourself.

Healing Yourself

When it comes to tapping into the power of yours to create health, that, by the way, should be an ally in your life and not a liability, all you have to do is feel, imagine and be grateful. The best thing you can do is to practise this daily, even when you are not ill, especially when you are not ill – I should say. But, when you fall ill and all you can do is lying on the bed to get better, close your eyes for a few minutes and meditate on the following things, imagine the followings: feel yourself healthy, feel yourself strong and active again, see and feel your system, your organs, your cells, your everything within working and functioning properly, the way they are meant to. Feel it entirely, feel it through. Think back what it is like to be healthy, when all is well, and put those energies into you, put those emotions and feeling into your current body. See and feel everything within you being vital, strong, full of nutrients, full of strength, and full of light and life. Feel it, do not just pretend, do not just act like it, do not do half a job. Feel it, feel the same way when you are healthy and have all the energy in the World. Feel it through fully and totally. Teach the body and the mind again that emotion, that feeling. The feeling of health. See the toxic energy leaving your body, see and feel it vaporising, see and feel it disappearing from within fully and leaving a fresh, healthy system behind. And be grateful for it. Say thank you for it. Be thankful for your health and well – being, like it is done, and it is yours again. Mean it, feel the gratitude towards your health. Like it is happening now, it is yours already. Because when the mind and the body is grateful, it means that that thing you are grateful for is in the present. Whenever you receive a gift or anything and you really love it, you are grateful for it, you are grateful for it in the now, in your present. It just happened. So, the mind and the body associate gratitude with the now. That is why being grateful already, in the now, in the present for the things you do not have just yet is so important and works like a charm. Have faith in you, trust yourself, you are way more powerful than you think.

Healing Others

When you manage to practise the above - mentioned thing, you will come to the realisation that you are capable to help others with your power, as well. You are able to send healing energies to others to help them overcome easier with whatever they have to overcome. Of course, you are not going to be able to heal them on your own without them doing their part of the job. It is their health, it is their life, it is their responsibility, and it is their experience. You can just make them stronger, give them holding hands on their journey in the illness. They do not even have to know about you doing it, they do not even have to be aware of that. And they do not have to be anywhere near to you.

The way it works is simple: sit in meditation, sit for a few minutes in a place where no one can disturb you and you can focus, concentrate. Set the intention what you are about to do, why. Put your awareness into your heart space. When attention is put around the heart space, the energy starts to grow there. Feel it, see it. Due to green being the heart chakra colour, I use it to help me imagine the energy that is creating. But you can use any colour you want. Now, start imagining it getting bigger and bigger, growing, and growing. Now focus on the emotions you have for that person. Feel the love you have for them, immerse yourself in it. It will increase the energy. See it being so big now that it is all around you. Now, send that energy to that person. See it travelling through time and space and arriving to that person. Now see the person being consumed in that healing light, see the energy filling up that person and healing her / his physical body, see the person’s body getting better and healthier and stronger. Picture them in perfect health, imagine them being active, vital, in the best state of being, and well again. Like they used to be, before the illness. Do it for five or ten minutes and after feel gratitude again. Be grateful for them being healthy and well again. Be grateful for that person’s healing, imagine it is done and do not question it.


Do not misunderstand me, I used to be the person who was listening to the old system, who believed that medications are the only way to get better. But since I started to change my mindset, since I started to believe in me, my power, and my capabilities, and once I understood who I am truly and really, I have never turned to a doctor nor to pills to make my physical body healthy again. If you believe that medications are the only way for a better health, than that is fine, that is your way of being, that is your belief and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you do not believe in what I have discussed above, that is perfect, you do not have to. It is not for everyone. You choose the way you live your life; you choose your beliefs and who and what to trust. It is your life; it is up to you how to live it. But if you have a closer look at it, both ways are based on belief. Just in one case, you believe in drugs, and toxins while in the other case you believe in you and your power.